What is Legacy: Fables?

Fables is an Adventure Studio: an emporium of choose-your-own-adventure experiences in which you and your friends or family can become a part of fantastic tales. Here’s how it works.

When you arrive at Fables, you will be greeted by a concierge. These hospital stewards will make you comfortable and answer any questions you have while you await your session. It is a good time to explore our shelves or visit the restroom (we wouldn’t want you to be bouncing in your seat as an avalanche threatens to bury your friends or a powerful lich summons souls from beyond to trap you for eternity). When the time is right you will be introduced to your narrator. These great storytellers are known as “Watchers,” and they have the ability to peer into the Universe of your Fable. It’s a unique gift that is possessed by a select few. You will then enter a room decorated in a way that is befitting your tale. If you are visiting a world of Fantasy, you might sit down in a warm tavern with flickering candlelights, age barrels, and soft fur coverings across the table. Or if your adventure is in space, you might sit at a large alloy tactical panel while the blips of holo screens and sensors sound off around you.

Then your Fable will begin.

Whatever your tale, there are a few constants.

First, you will be assigned a Proxy. This is the character through which you will experience the tale. They often have weapons, items, and skills that will aid you in your adventure. But don’t take their lives lightly. For you, it is just a story. But for them, it is their reality.

The Watcher will give you time to read about your Proxy and get to know them. The more you understand them, the greater your connection to them will be. And when you are ready, the Watcher will peer into the other world and describe what they see. This sets the scene and lets you and your companions know exactly what challenges you face. Equipped with this information, you are free to act as you desire. Investigate the symbol on the wall, attempt to pry open the sealed stone box, lie your way out of a sticky situation, or attack the hidden agent among your group. But with every decision comes consequences.

Fate is pervasive throughout the Omniverse, and that Fate is translated to us through a special set of Tarot Cards unique to Legacy: Fables. Through them, the Watcher can read your fortune and destiny’s will. As you make choices, you will be asked to draw from the cards and the outcome will be determined. Draw a Prevail and you’ve succeeded. You recognize the symbol from an ancient manuscript or have freed the treasure inside the box. Draw a Falter and your attempts have stumbled. You make the sticky situations worse or the infiltrator is on to your plan and has escaped, but not without the map to the lost Tome of Alsius. But amongst those are a few special cards gifted by the Fates themselves. Draw them and you’re in for a surprise. We can’t tell you what, though. It changes with each adventure.

This exchange between you and the Watcher continues until the story reaches a conclusion — one that is entirely unique to you. Because no one else can make the exact combination of choices that you and your companions do, and therefore can not have the same story as you. So it’s entirely yours and no one else.

To Recap:

1. The Watcher sets the scene

2. The guests take action and draw their Fates

3. The Watcher describes results

4. Repeat

To truly experience the wonder of a living tale, you’ll have to experience it for yourself. Book your adventure today and gather your party. You Legacy awaits.

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