The Secret of Fables pt. 1

To the public, Legacy: Fables is simply a shop that barters in interesting tales in which the guests can participate. I have no problem with this front, the propagation of storytelling is a wonderful thing—fact or fiction. But most have no understanding of what is actually going on behind the scenes. That Fables itself is a mask for an operation much grander in scale.

I fear that, in an attempt to explain it, I will ramble down thoughts that lead only to greater confusion. So I will start small and simple and try my best to pace myself for whoever might find this information enlightening.

We are part of a much greater story. Our universe floats through reality amongst many others. Together, we make up a larger omniverse. These other places are different than ours, but also similar in many ways. And without some special means of interacting with them, they can go completely unnoticed throughout existence. But at Fables, we stumbled on that special means. And what many believe to be whimsical fiction is, in truth, another world's reality. For now, that is all I’ll say.

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