Codex of the Chronicler

Updated: May 6, 2021

It seems crazy when I consider how I stumbled upon this… what is it? I thought it destiny, though not necessarily mine. Like it was just lying in wait for someone to pick it up. Now I’m the poor soul with fate in his arms, wondering if he can give it the attention it needs. Wondering if I can give it the care it deserves.

Am I mad?

I find myself lost with every new step, yet I find my way. From what clues I’ve discovered, there should be two more to help me. I’ve taken to calling them the Illusionist and the Herald. While their exact roles are unknown to me, I know I can’t accomplish my task without them.

Unfortunately, it seems our sister worlds can’t wait for their arrival. If we… if I don’t intercede, their paths may be altered in a way from which they cannot recover. The meddlers of our Omniverse wait at the door, fingers twitching, ready to pluck at the strings of fate. And I fear they may break them.

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