Adjon Tasor - The Invitation

Updated: May 5, 2021

The instructor pinned a piece of parchment to the board at the front of the room. It depicted a face, someone unkempt and decidedly rough-looking, but the sketch was too far away for Adjon to make out any clear details.

“Big news,” Instructor Callosin said as he turned back to the class, adjusting his spectacles so they sat more securely on the prominent ridge of his nose. “They finally caught the leader of the Defiance. Pay attention to the next few days, boys and girls, as you’ll be witnessing events your children’s children will hear about from the troubadours.”

The class whispered excitedly, their voices mixing into a dull rumble around him as Adjon leaned forward to get a better look at the face. A student stood to get closer, but the instructor waved him down.

“You’ll get a chance to see the nefarious leader of our local rebellion as soon as class is over. I know I’m not your government and legislation instructor, but for now, let’s discuss the implications of these events.”

A hand raised among the seats

“Yes?” He said

“We were just about to go over the chemical composition of silic buds.”

“Yes, we were. But this seems a more pressing topic to me. This matters now. So please, humor me. What are your first impressions? What does this mean for the Triarchy?”

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